Regulations provide opportunities to test engine model

The older technical regulations, provide some very interesting opportunities to check the accuracy of the engine simulation model.

We assume that general conditions are the same for all properly developed racing engines, so the overall mechanical loss, used fuels as well as overall valve resistance.

Next to that, over the last 10 years we developed the engines of some Porsche youngtimers we ran on programmable Bosch Motorsport MS4. This enables us to closely compare the simulation results with reality.

Using on-car data and in Free Version mode

Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing the selection of laps to compare

On this page we will supply you with an example of how to go forward building a LapSim vehicle model of your car.

We still need to work out this page, so please check out again.

Example of how to use LapSim in your preparation

In this menu we will give you an example of how LapSim can be used to prepare yourself for a race weekend. We will extend this menu in due time.

Example of setup variation results, LapTime versus ARB stiffness distribution and weight balance

At the moment this example give you an overview of setup variations performed by LapSim, providing a sensitivity analysis of the setup for a given track.

Using LapSim to improve your driver or driving

Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing an example of two comparing two driving lines with each other in a certain corner

The current version of LapSim mainly based upon the principle that the driving line is calculated out of Lateral G and vehicle speed.

With the implementation of the loading routine for the AIM *.xrk datafiles, the driving line is determined out of GPS data.

This opens new possibilities for comparing and optimizing driving lines, which will become a major development point for the near future.