Enough parameters for a good correlation with reality

The software used for all the licenses is the same and available in the free download. Therefore you can test and experience LapSim in the free version, to check whether the software functions in conjunction with your computer and your data.

All it takes is your time, to install the software and to learn how to work with it. We believe in our approach and are confident that if you invest your time, the software will convince you. Purchasing a Chassis or Engine License will enable you to specify your vehicle and/or your engine more in detail. The software remains the same.

offered for 995 EUR

With the chassis license you are able to specify your vehicle by about 125 parameters, some of them characteristics. With these 125 parameters it is possible to get a very good correlation between any car and the simulation, from a street sports car, to an F1.

Rival packages may go more into detail, aiming to provide more accuracy. From our point of view, the accuracy of a simulation model is limited by the least accurate parts. In case of a lap simulator, the limiting parts are the tire characteristics, the assumed flat road surface line and in case of downforce car, the 3D aerodynamics.

Regardless of how complex the rest model is, those limitation remain valid and we think that they create a clear limit to the complexity of the used model. More parameters means extra editing effort and the increased complexity will subsequently slow the calculation speed. Both decrease the usability.

We believe that it is much more important to be aware of the limitations of the simulation model and its results, than to aim to get it exactly like reality, which is unrealistic. Out of our own experience we are confident that for optimising the setup of any racecar for any track, you do not need more complexity than LapSim offers.

We focused on building a comprehensive package, easy to use and edit. On the chassis license page the main parameter menus are shown and discussed, to give you an indication.

offered in combination with a Chassis license for 1,495 EUR

The engine license is an engine simulation program capable of calculating a torque and power graph as well as engine efficiency out of the engines main parameters.

Its development started in a time when endurance racing was governed by restrictor size, dependent on vehicle weight and engine capacity. The engine model gives a clear indication whether a certain car could be competitive. There are still many occasions where one wants to know, analyse or improve a certain engine. The engine simulation is aiming at helping you to with exactly that.

The engine simulation is a clear exponent of the LapSim philosophy: Simple, straight forward but surprisingly accurate.