Website instead of a manual

With this website we tried to supply you with a extensive and comprehensive overview of the LapSim software.

It is tried to group the subjects in different sub menus in order to present and explain the functionality of LapSim in a logical manner. The menu above will show you where you are in the website. Perhaps not the most flashy solution, but certainly comprehensive.

How to get working with LapSim

This menu shows different items concerning the overall behaviour of LapSim.

Philosophy, structure, general functionality, valid for both free as well as licenced versions.

Overview of all the chassis variables of the model

This menu shows you an overview of all the chassis parameters menus of the Chassis license.

In each individual menus you will get more information about the parameters in this specific menu as well as an explanation about special features which are programmed in LapSim.

Specifying the drivetrain of your vehicle in detail

In this menu we explain the several drivetrain menus.

Mainly focussed on licensed versions, as in the free version many of the parameters are fixed.

Add additional details to the track layout

The circuit parameters are the same for free as the licensed versions.

Under this menu you will find the all the circuit parameter menus which enable you to add to your initial driving line, like elevation, banking, local grip and wind.

Furthermore there is the option to compare driving lines out of on-car recorded data.

Helping you to understand and proceed with your vehicle

This menu gives an overview of all the analysis options in LapSim.

Plot menus and data comparison. Adjustment of simulation parameters in the plot menus in order to help to get a better correlation.

Explanation of the setup variation runs to prepare for a race weekend.

The aim is 95% accuracy with 5% of the effort.

In this menu we explain the engine model. The philosophy, the background, the aim and examples.

The engine model gives you to opportunity to quickly check if a certain engine configuration could be a good option for you. And how you can optimise the configuration.

Using the simulation model to analyse the dynamics

The mathematical model of LapSim is capable of doing more than driving just over a flat surface.

The 7 poster model gives you the opportunity to analyse the dynamic behaviour of your vehicle including the influence of shockabsorber characteristics.