LapSim is secured by a license file

In order to run LapSim in a license mode, the software needs to detect a license.lps file. In the license file, data of your computer is saved in encrypted format. Upon start up, LapSim checks if the data in the license file compares to the computer hardware LapSim is running on. If so, LapSim will shift in licensed mode.

Screenshot of LapSim input GUI for generating a license request file

In order to generate such a license file, we need a license request file generated on the computer you want to license. Before you can generate a License Request File, you need to specify your company as well as contact person information which will also be saved in the license.lps file.

Send us a License Request File, so we can prepare and sent a pro forma invoice. After the pro forma invoice is settled, the license file will be sent to you. The license file needs to be copied in the main directory of LapSim in order to be detected.

Contains specific information about the computer

Select 1 to 3 different vehicle setup

Please sent us a License Request File of the computer you want to run the licensed version of LapSim on.

This can be done by selecting the option 'Generate License Request File' under 'Info', found under the 'Extras' menu.

A separate menu opens as can be seen in the figure below.

Select 1 to 3 different vehicle setup

We kindly ask you to fill in all the details, both personal as well as business. A pro forma invoice will be made according to the details you provide in the License Request File.

With all the edit boxes filled, the 'Generate License Request File' button is enabled as you can see in the example on the left.

The screen shows the main directory where LapSim is installed, which is where you should find the License Request File.