Supplying you with a base model of your vehicle

Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing the selection of laps to compare

You supply us with on-car data of your vehicle together with as much setup information as possible.

We can supply you with a LapSim base setup file of your vehicle with a good correlation between real car and the simulation.

Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing the selection of laps to compare

Because we thoroughly understand the software, we are able to make such a base LapSim setup than you can. out of our experience we know what is realistic and what is not in regard to those vehicle parameters which are not available to you.

It will give you a flying start with your LapSim license.

Engineering services powered by LapSim software

LapSim has been used in the past to develop traction control algorithms, VTG controller as well as concept analysis of racing hybrid systems.

Printscreen of the LapSim GUI showing a overview of the boost strategy for a lap

The dynamic simulation within LapSim was used to develop algorithms for active shock absorbers.

With experience in developing both engine simulation models as well as engine calibration very effective engine control algorithms can be developed, because we thoroughly understand the system, the engine, which needs to be controlled.

There is over 10 years' experience in calibrating and running Bosch MS4 ECU’s on Porsche young timers: 964, 993, 944, 968 and 951 (944 Turbo). Wich means: 2 and 4 valve, water- and air-cooled, normally aspirated and turbo, variable intake length and variable camshaft timing.