In the past, the driving lines the simulation model used, were always determined out of on-car recorded data. We therefor did not supply any driving lines with the software, because we considered them propriety to the customers who generated the necessary on-car recorded data with their cars.

Database of racetracks

The V2020 version of LapSim contains a database of LapSim compatible driving lines determined out of graphical data.

In 2019 features to analyse different driving lines determined out of on-car recorded GPS data were created.

The same features can be used to analyses the results of the next development:

Driving line optimisation

Being able to alter the driving line, creates an option to analyse and optimise the driving line for a certain vehicle at a racetrack.

We are excited about this new development and are convinced that being able to alter the driving line, will significantly help you to improve your performance at the track.

It might prove that it is sometimes more beneficial to change the driving line in the direction favoured by the vehicle setup, instead of changing the setup.

Make something complex, feel easy
Extensively tested in DTM and LMP1

We believe in our approach and are confident that if you are looking for simulation software and are willing to invest your time, LapSim will convince you. However, in order to appreciate LapSim you will need a fundamental understanding of the physics involved in vehicle dynamics.

We are just asking your time

This does not necessary mean that you need an engineering degree to use the software. On the contrary, we like to think that LapSim together with the information on this website can generate a great tool to learn and understand vehicle dynamics.

But you need to be willing to invest your time. The free version together with this website will let you find out if LapSim is worthwhile for you.

Simplification by definition

From our perspective simulation is always a simplification of a complex reality. Simplification does not automatically mean less accurate. Most important is awareness of the simplifications used in the model and if these simplifications might have an effect on the conclusions one draws out of the simulation results.

Able to correlate to the real vehicle

One should see the free version as a clear exponent of this thought. Although very limited in the amount of parameters one can edit, one should still be able to get the simulation close to the behaviour of the real vehicle, proving the statement that a 'simple' model can still generate a surprisingly good correlation.

Free version or licensed versions, the software will remain the same. By exploring the options of the free version you will know exactly what you get should you subsequently purchase a license.