Autosport simulation software

LapSim wants to provide a fast, comprehensive and easy to use simulation package for your racing activities.

User-friendliness is one of the main objectives.

From 2004 onwards, a basic version of LapSim was supplied for free. Due to this free availability, no other race simulation package is so extensively tested and used as LapSim on the widest variety of vehicles.

Development History


Option to directly load AIM *.xrk data files into LapSim. Due to the availability of GPS in the AIM data, GPS data is used to calculate the driving line. This enables much better driving line comparison within LapSim.

A new license concept is implemented which uses a license file instead of the hardware dongle. Hereby the licensing can be done completely by Email.


Combined slip calculation of the tire model has been revised. Especially in mid corner, the correlation of longitudinal slip could still be improved.

Restructuring of the data processing in the background of LapSim. Due to extensive work in the DTM, a new release was not finalized for too long.


Restructuring the setup variation runs, enabling more runs in one time, giving better insight on laptime influence of the main setup variables in preparation for a race weekend.


Chassis: introduction of 4D Aero map with a wing angle variable. This enabled me to work in the DTM with one aeromap for all wing angles.

Engine: Testing of a variable length intake manifold, which lead to a revised intake simulation.


Chassis: LapSim calculates the driving line out of each on-car recorded lap which is loaded in LapSim, the new functionality opens the possibility to compare these laps more closely.

Engine: Testing of purpose build exhaust with significantly longer primary length headers. Change of engine characteristic in good correlation with the engine simulation.


Make something complex, feel easy
Extensively tested in DTM and LMP1
As accurate as simulation can be